2 thoughts on “Trump’s Cabinet Interviews”

  1. President Trump really kicked ass yesterday with his amazing speech. IT IS TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Watch his full speech here [EDITED BY HARD LUCK CHARLIE]

    1. Thanks Myrtle for participating on my site. I imagine that you want to spread your glorious leaders message far and wide and really stick it to people like myself who think–your glorious leader–is a pile of dog dung. I’ve removed the link you added to your comment because I don’t allow links on my site. I’m sure everyone who wants to see the speech can see it by googling it or searching for it on YouTube. As to your comment regarding your glorious leader “kicking ass”; I’m going to have to strongly disagree. His speech was better than any other he’s ever given, but that’s saying very little. It’s like someone who’s been abusing a child for years deciding not to punch the kid in the face as hard as usual. The speech was still steeped with hatred and nationalism indicative of your glorious leader and his followers. Your accretion–in all caps–that; “it is time to make America great again,” is full of holes. First, America is pretty great; we have a booming economy, plenty to eat, a good standard of living, and lots of fantastic rights and liberties extended to us via our constitution. “Great again” is nebulous, what is it that you want to make great again? I think from the other rhetoric that spews from your glorious leader’s mouth “Great” is equivalent to ethnically homogenous, or at least culturally homogenous. In either case I hate to break the bad news to you but, that ship has sailed. It’s a new world now, a global world, and even if you don’t like it or can’t accept it, that’s the way it is. I know, many a Trumpster has tried to make the argument that if I tell you that the global world is a reality that you have to live with that I should–reciprocally–have to accept Trump as my god king. No, that’s not how this works. You see Trump and followers live in a bubble of ignorance that can’t withstand the test of reality. It’s like believing in unicorns and saying that I have to accept that they exist because you say so. To wrap up I want to cover something I think is very important for all of you Trumpsters to understand. Because the new world is here, and it’s a global world, and the competition is fierce for things like good paying jobs, you need to get it through your thick skulls that your high school education and lower isn’t going to cut it if you need to make more than ten bucks an hour. The factory jobs that paid thirty dollars and hour are gone. Robots have taken that role away from you because they are cheaper and better at making things than you are. If you need more than ten bucks an hour, you need a BA minimum and that’s just to get in the door. A college education is not a guarantee of more money it’s just a raffle ticket that brings you more possibility. That’s it, and if you don’t like it… Don’t post crap on my site.

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